Monday, 31 December 2007

Goodbye 2007: Andy Edition

Alrigty here's my rendition of the farewelling to the year 2007, just in time too.

Best film I saw at the cinema in 2007:
The Science of Sleep

Best film I saw (for the first time) on DVD in 2007:
Haven't a clue (that's not a film, I just don't know), although the Bladerunner 5 disc box set is great

Best TV show that I saw for the first time in 2007:

Best single of the year:
I don't do singles, chart music sucks

Most annoying song of the year:
Everything that has ever been in the charts, mildly unfair but I don't care

Best artist I started listening to this year:
Imogen Heap
(I think I started listening to her in 2007)
(runner up: My Brightest Diamond)

Best live show I saw this year:

Mighty Boosh
(the only live show I saw but it was on a DVD, but otherwise I wouldn't have an answer, although I think I got it for my birthday last year and watched it last year, so I don't think this counts, damn.)

Best game I played of 2007:
Assassins Creed
(runner up: Bioshock)

Most time wasted this year:
(wasted so much of my life)
(runner up:gamespot, Xbox 360 - although it's technically not wasted time)

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