Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Decent into Console Land

I've no idea if any of you people who visit/read this blog care about games and such like, but frankly I don't care, because I do.

Having just watched another fine episode of Zero Punctuation I have resorted to dictating my typing (in my head) in a similar style, so this may have a similar feel, sorry.

Anyway, this weeks (or however frequently they appear) episode is about Crysis, a game for the PC which I haven't played, other than the demo, but have heard good things about. Now I have a PC, like most people, and it was, at one point, geared towards gaming as much as my pitiful amount of money could afford. I used to be an exclusive PC gamer and enjoyed running around using the mouse and keyboard to blast, investigate, level up, infiltrate, create and family then destroy it and a variety of other err.. verbs? to describe numerous activities common to computer games. I used to thing to myself "foolish console gamers with their silly game pads, you'll never be able to rival the PC, with your silly sticks to control aiming" and laugh in their collective faces. Until I bought an XBox, and I mean the old one. I suddenly became aware of the multi-player experience and how it was fun to socialise with people and other such stuff without the need for an internet connection. The silly sticks where frustrating to begin with, but I learnt to adapt to using my thumbs to move and look around. I also enjoyed the lack of worrying about the system requirements of a game and having to miss out on a cool game, something I had a good bit of experience with. So I became a dual format man, PC and XBox, working in vague harmony to give me a good mix of gaming fun.

I went on to buy an XBox 360, mainly because I got hooked on Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas after playing them once. And now I'd class myself more of a 360 gamer than a PC gamer, owing to the fact that my computer is the equivalents to Brontosaurus when compared to what exists on the market these days. It copes with the majority of games that exist (well I think it does, last PC game I bought was FEAR), however Crysis is something that it wont cope with, this is a common thing with Crysis though and a comment that has been made numerous times. Seeing it is a PC only game I will probably never get to experience it's beauty. This makes me wonder if games producers will think about what systems are available before creating a game, or just go gungho and create a game that requires the death star to run it, I think the latter is more likely. So, as has happened before, the system requirements for PC games will increase while my PC slowly ages until such time as I inherit some vast amounts of money and splash out on a new one, which will quickly become obsolete again and the process start all over again, I don't have enough relatives to keep up with this cycle.

So I guess I shall eventually have to immerse myself almost entirely in the world of consoles, popping up every now and then to play an old PC game, which isn't a complete loss, but I do enjoy using the old mouse and keyboard combination every now and then. This applies even more if my desire to have an Apple is fulfilled, although I have a mantra that I shall share with you:

Apple for the day, PC to play.

Essentially I think I'd have to have both an Apple and a PC, the Apple for all media related activities and a PC for my entertainment needs, with a 360 in the lounge, on an HD projector (or big plasma) and a phat/fat sound system and a comfy chair and............ sorry got lost in my thoughts, it was wonderful.

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