Monday, 21 January 2008

I need nememonies!

In response to Telfs response to etc. etc. read the previous post if you haven't already, then this should make some sense.

As I've said before, I have a few issues with Facebook, well mostly the majority of it's applications, but I still consider it a good social networking tool, but by no means perfect and by no means the sole tool. You don't buy a hammer to screw in a shelf or wash the dog (most irrelevant but a vaguely amusing thought).

I consider myself one of the 59 million "suckers" out there using Facebook to aid with social interaction. Well to be honest I rarely use it and don't think I could spend an evening at home with Facebook (that is sad, in both senses of the word). However I take mild issue at being lumped in with the zombies he seems to be describing who use Facebook. I don't feel the need to buy things because they're advertised, I generally go on what I like (well I think that's the case). There also isn't anything forcing you to give information regarding DoB, pets first name, shoe size, favourite chipmunk (Alvin), credit card details, passport number, thing under your bed etc. etc. so there isn't really an issue unless you feel compelled to fill in every detail presented to you, I generally assess whether or not I want to give out this information, and besides if you've used the internet to buy something or put in your DoB so you can access adult rated stuff on a site (badly phrased, I mean like a film trailer with swearing/violence, not anything naughty!!!!). The complaint about bad grammar, spelling, other stuff, is all about the user not the platform. I was opposed to the old style of text messaging which limited you to 300 characters, meaning long winded texts required rly stpd spl f wrdz witch sumthymez jst made on sens. That was horrible, sorry. Anyway, I struggle with grammar and spelling because I wasn't great at english in school, not because I spent half my life communication through email or anything like that. I try to use correct grammar and spelling where possible, but I probably fall short a great deal, however this is a choice that I have made, I could have easily chosen to typ lk this constuntly... I can't e bothered doing that again. With this argument it's more about the user than the platform, as I said before, so he can shove it up has nose as I don't fall into his little box of the morons who use facebook.

Furthermore, these zombiebookers seem to be (I may make zombiebook, that could be fun) unable to move away from their PC/Macs and go down the pub too. Yes if you solely use facebook as your networking tool then you'll have issues, but if you're a sensible womble then you'll think, wow this is a complete waste of my life and go outside once in a while. I also enjoy being able to communicate with my friends in London while I'm still in Manchester, £40 and 4 hours away, although this may soon change. I also enjoy connecting with people who I haven't seen for a while, I may not feel I can ring them for a chat as it's been a while and I was never that close with them, or even go an visit them, but still feel that a bit of contact would be nice. Therefore facebook works as a good acquaintance storer, where you can ensure that if you ever need to talk to this person you can without the awkward phone conversations (can you tell I'm a bit of a social reject).

I question his logic in insulting 59 million people, surely he's going to lose his friends who go down the pub with him after using facebook for a few minutes then logging off.

Sorry if that was a bit disjointed.


TheTelf said...

I'm slightly confused about whether you're responding to my post or to the original article. Most of it seems to be aimed at the original article, but you talk about grammar and spelling, which he doesn't mention at all (and I only mention in passing).

In terms of applications, I sometimes find myself frustrated by the spam, but it's an inevitable byproduct of any social system where there are no restrictions on communication. Worst case scenario, ask your friends nicely not to invite you to use any more apps. It's them that's doing it, after all.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

yeah it's a mix of a bit of both,unfortunately by brain works in mysterious ways (much like God, ho ho ho, I'll shut up) so things merge nicely into one half the time. I should really write things down as I read, then I'm more likely to have a coherent message.