Tuesday, 29 January 2008

link from andy

This only really applies to people with phones running windows mobile 5, but I think it's great.


This is a cool keyboard which mimics the iPhones style. The best bit, aside from ease of use, is that it's layout is customisable. all you need to do is copy and paste the english layout file from your phone onto your PC and then use notepad to edit it (requires open with). I'd advise making a backup just in case you manage to corrupt the original (unlikely but still) and also opening the French one too as a reference as it has a different layout so you can see how things work with the layout.

After writing my own bit about editing I went to the actual website and found theirs, so here's the link


The buttons are a fixed width so if you want to add a button to a row you'll need to remove something, I made the backspace button shorter so I could have a punctuation button. I like texting with punctuation.

After editing the layout to get it to refresh on the phone, change the input type to one of the other ones then change it back again.

Well I hope that was vaguely interesting for someone, that or incredibly boring, I don't mind which.

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