Friday, 18 January 2008

Mild Spleen Ventage

I'm sure you'll all be able to relate to this annoyance, it is a relatively minor one, but frustrating non the less.

FACEBOOK AND IT'S [insert expletive here*] APPS!!!!

I'm becoming more an more tired of invites to utterly useless application. More annoying are the ones which then force you to send invites to your friends to see the results. If they where useful applications it would be less stupid, but still stupid, however as it is, the majority are completely pointless. I am spending less and less time on facebook, which of cause is a good thing, and no doubt will eventually cease using it, probably when I get my own site up and running allowing me to display the various things I deem worthy of the internet without all the meet losers in your area adverts and stupid applications.

Anyway I'm done.

* By way of a disclaimer I'm not forcing you to swear, you can insert any word you like. such as darned, confounded or gerbil. It should probably make sense in the context of the sentence and preferable a negative word or you'll be completely changing my point.

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