Saturday, 26 January 2008

More Links.... but from andy

I've had a bit of a crappy day, mostly (OK entirely) my own doing and mostly trivial but still crappy, but was cheered slightly by a few things on the internet (which is a depressing thought really but I'll push that aside).

Firstly we have something from the console gaming world, which I think could probably be one of the best games out this year, if done right, which if KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic, no reason to abbreviate it really) is anything to go by Lucasarts will. here's the trailer.
It's going to be awesome, with luck (not that I believe in luck).

Secondly to follow on with telfs post of future gaming there's this continuation on the theme... by the same guy... which I found on Youtube... in the similar videos bit... so really you could have found it too, but if you didn't here it is... click. One major oversight is gloves, this guy seems very clever but somehow manages to ignore this really simple idea.

Finally, as I've not spent a great amount of time on the internet lately, there's this, again from Mr Johnny Lee (I love this guy) is a $14 (roughly £7) steady cam, which for any budding film maker is a really great idea. Wish I'd known about this earlier as filming bits of Perfecting Loneliness would have been so much easier (if that's not a sneaky plug I'm not sure what is). I'd advise giving Johhny Lee's website a look if you enjoyed the other stuff, he seems like a geek with good ideas, the best kind of geek.

Well that's it for links for the moment. I too have a few reviews and things like that that I will try to post soon, I can't really say I don't have the time, I just can't be bothered at the moment (a common theme with me recently).

A couple of other things to say. Firstly a quick list of games I'm looking forward to this year and some vague reasoning.

GTA IV - Because GTA has offered a lot in the past years and this iteration (not sure if that's used right) should prove to offer so much it'll probably consume a large amount of my life when it comes out, bye bye degree.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Rainbow Six Vegas was a great game and was one of the games that made me buy a 360 so the sequel should also be great. From what I've heard there's going to be some good additions to the game whilst not mucking about with things too much to keep familiarity.

Starwars: The Force Unleashed - It's just going to be cool! LIGHTSABERS! FORCE POWERS! What more can you ask for. Leave me alone I like computer games.

Fallout 3 - Fallout was a great game and Fallout 2 was just as good and then some (Fallout came out in 1997 so we're going back to near the beginnings of my computer gaming existence). The company who originally made the Fallout games, Interplay, went bust so it's now Bethesda, makers of Oblivion, who have taken the reigns. Hopefully they'll do a good job of it and maintain the good name of Fallout (which is an odd sentence as generally fallout is not considered a good thing).

Secondly, errr.. I forget if there even was something else, I think there may have been but can't remember what is was now, darn, oh well I'll get over it.

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