Saturday, 12 January 2008

There should be more...

...statistics like this

admittedly this could have some more outlandish results but hey 2 google results for "died in a blogging accident", should we be worried here? could we make a 3rd result?

ps. I'm hoping to do more series stuff eg. there should be more... reasons to do series, and other such things, I started A Step by Step Guide to... on my blog and have another post to be made on that theme shortly, thanks to Mr Davison. I may also take up the reviewing mentality, although it may encroach on another project I'm formulating, more on that at a later date (if it actually happens).

EDIT: I realise that the title made little sense before, "there should me more..." as you may have guessed it was meant to be "there should BE more..." so I've changed it and will read my posts more carefully before clicking Publish.

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