Monday, 4 February 2008

Couple of links

Firstly is this wonderfully weird site from the British Heart Foundation, it's mostly aimed at kids but there's probably enough stuff to do to waste some time if you need to. Clink (that's click link abbreviated).

Then there's a mild response to the Bollocks to Valentines link, a sentiment I share for the moment, no doubt it'll change when I stop being single but who knows. Bollocks to Poverty, in my opinion a better sentiment.

I've realised that both of these links are for charities in some way, which is fun, a new trend of posting causes I think are decent may ensue.

I deem both of the above decent as BHF deals with heart conditions and my Dad received a pacemaker a few years ago (which makes it sounds like a really lame Christmas present or something, I say really lame, it's keeping him alive so it's probably the best Christmas present ever, just not given at Christmas).

BTP is also good as they deal with poverty in a mildly rude way :D



TheTelf said...

Can we not agree to say bollocks to both Valentines and Poverty?

Also, the valentines link is there as both a familial plug and a temporary one.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

let's agree to say bollocks to poverty, valentines and any other things which are unjust or fickle.