Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Links & Fitness (vaguely)

Firstly another link for software for PDA style phones running windows mobile (which I think is everything other than the iPhone).

PointUI Home is a replacement GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Windows Mobile, found through It doesn't overwrite Windows Mobile but runs on top of it, essentially, and does all the functions of the Windows GUI but geared towards not using a stylus, which I'm on the verge of loosing as the bit that holds the stylus in place has worn so much that it falls out relatively easily (and they say phone's aren't made to last a year... not sure who they are).
It works quite well, however I've only had it a few days and it's crashed a couple of times, which isn't a glowing review really is it. It doesn't do anything much other than give you a slightly different method of interfacing with your phone and simply uses the existing programs etc. with a more trendy looking facade, although it does have a new weather report feature, which does require an internet connection, but you can use WIFI or your computer's connection if you connect your phone.

Right, now to fitness. I've been trying to get back into a more regular routine of fitness, which so far is going alright but then it is the first week really. Anyway this is mostly in the form of Parkour but also in body weight exercises (ie. push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, etc. not just pushing weights around in a gym), I've been trying to get into regular jogging, but haven't quite got into that yet, I usually jog back from the train station after Parkour (which I do 2 or 3 times a week) but that's not too far. However there is also a more obscure method of exercise that I do every couple of weeks, go to Sainsbury's. That probably makes little sense, however it's about 30mins walk away and I walk both directions. Obviously the walk to Sainsbury's is just a brisk walk and then I get to roam around Sainsbury's, however the walk back tends to be a bit more strenuous. Today I walked back with £60 worth of shopping, filling my backpack and 2 of the big re-usable carrier bags, involving nice heavy stuff. Now that I'm home, my shoulders are aching and I feel like a proper man (well kind of). The technique, for those wanting to join in on the craze of shopping exercise (shopercise as it could be called) is to ensure that you're not letting the weight pull on your muscles, instead ensure your elbows are bent slightly so the weight is taken by the muscles not the joints and lift your shoulders up so that the shoulder muscles take some of the weight too.

Hopefully it'll be in the Olympics in 2012.

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