Wednesday, 13 February 2008

the little things...

As you may have worked out from some of my previous posts I'm a bit of an eco-warrior at times (or maybe you haven't, if that's the case, I am), and today is no exception.

Sainsbury's has been doing some good stuff in the area of being enviro-friendly mental (a phrase that I've concocted), such as providing good sized fabric bags (in the great colours of orange and maroon, both of which I strangely like) that can be used again and again etc. and don't get destroyed anywhere near as easily as the plastic "bag's for life" (lies I tell you!). They brought out a range of degradable bin bags, freezer bags and other suck things, so you don't fill landfills up with plastic bags and also a range of 100% recycles paper things (ie. toilet paper and paper towels, not sure what to call that as a collective). They've also recently started providing little bag of bags which is a silly but great name, which encourages you to reuse your old carrier bags, however I tend to recycle them. Finally (that I know of and want to ramble about) I noticed recently that my till recent was pretty short and appeared to have writing on both sides, "That'd be cool if they did it double sided" I thought, but doubting it, thinking it was some illusion with Mobius in mind, but then found, when I finally received it that it was actually double sided. This may seem like a bit of a non-issue, but it's actually really cool, obviously it has to wait for all the items to be scanned before it can print it but you always faff about at the end so it's not an issue, and it only saves a bit of paper, but when you think about the millions of receipts they must print every day, then think of the wasted space on the back of most receipts, sometimes filled with adverts (BOOO!) it's a really clever idea. I'd assume they had to change their printers, but that's the sacrifice they went for to save paper. I shall do a quick demonstration for you:

Sainsbury's 34 items 22.7cm of receipt (15 items 18cm) (double sided)

Sports World 1 item 22.2cm (completely white back)

Instore 1 item 28.9cm (completely white back)

Jessops 1 item 43.2cm (two receipts - mix of advert and return policy - i'll let them off a little for the return policy info)

Gamestation 23 items 49.3cm (with repeated advert on back - bad gamestation) (I was buying some items and returning a load hence 23 items in a game shop, I'm not crazy)

considering the average receipt is about 8cm wide the gamestation receipt is the equivalent to using one side of A5 paper and not the other, and that's just for one receipt, they have to serve hundreds of people a day wasting so much paper. This unfortunately happens a lot in the world and no-one really thinks about it, only printing on one side of the paper and then not using the other. I always print my assignments double sided, one because my printers cool and can duplex, but also to save paper. It does however need to translate to recycling too, double sided printing then chucking it in a bin is not good either, recycling's cool (Jack Johnson says so! please ignore the fact he says re-doo-se, he's an American after all)

They also relatively recently made all their bananas fair trade (or maybe just stuck stickers on their unfair trade bananas, but I don't think so), but that's something different, but still cool. They're doing other stuff with fairtrade and equitrade too, which is cool.

I also read somewhere that co-op shops where adding a device to their tills and chip and pin machines that shuts them off at night and restarts them in the morning, saving energy overnight where most shops just leave them on standby.

Anyway my basic point is that I like innovative ways of saving resources etc. and I appear to like telling people about it, in an attempt to get people to think about it too, hope it works :D

Random link but I found this whilst having a look at ECOutlet and thought that it was a great way to get your dog high, however hemp is a part of the cannabis plant that is not a narcotic so this wouldn't actually happen, but it was a fun thought. I have a hemp bag and got asked a few times in high school by "people" (idiots is a more apt term) if they could smoke it, I told them no because a) I wouldn't have a bag and b) it wouldn't do very much.

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TheTelf said...

Personally I wish cashiers would ask me before doing a receipt - I never need them and they just end up being shredded.