Thursday, 28 February 2008


errrr... title mostly relates to my feelings towards a variety of people, mostly the railway regulators.

this news item on the BBC website prompted this outburst, which even from the title I was thinking "hold on, public transport is bad enough without taking money away from it!"

I tend to get annoyed by delays to trains etc. and replacement bus services and the fact that when you need to be somewhere on time, which generally isn't an issue for me, it all goes to pot. However it's more of a quirk to our public transport system now, kinda like the quirk Salford has that you could get stabbed at any moment, you just don't know when or where (I jest, it's really not that bad).

So to hear about delays because work wasn't finished on time is hardly news, what is news it the notion of levying a fine on a company that is funded by tax payers and struggles as it is.

I generally like regulators, they tend to stop big corporations charging us stupid amounts for the equivalent of nothing and being anti competitive (ie. microsoft), but the idea of getting a company to pay a fine in order to give them the proverbial slap on the wrist doesn't always work in these situations. I'm sure Microsoft is writhing in mock pain after it's 1.4 BILLION fine, which is kinda like loosing a quid behind the sofa for them. I wonder who gets that money and what they do with it?

Network Rail does seem to have got the hint though and is trying to improve the ways it does things, but seeing that the major delays where attributed to "specialist workmen [who] failed to turn up for work!" shouldn't it be them who gets fined?

To me it seems that this could further help the decline of the public transport system in England as there will be less money to spend on improvements which will cause more delays and thus more people will use it so less revenue so less money to spend on improvements... etc. etc. ad nauseus.

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