Friday, 22 February 2008

this made me snort with derisive laughter

I'm not posting any links or naming any names as that'd just be mean, however I clicked a link to a "web designers" page of a particularly pathetically designed page and was mildly shocked at how nice the design was compared to the previous site I was on. I then noticed that it said "Design by Arcsin" at the bottom, I clicked this link with mild con[fusion] (in joke for patrick there :D ) wondering why a web designer would have a site designed by someone else. The link led me to a css design template site with a variety of trendy designs to choose from. This made me snort (softly through my nose) with derisive laughter. This so called web designer has used a css template to make his own website, what is the world coming to?

If I think about it a little too much it actually angers me that there are people out there touting themselves as web designers with a trendy website of their own which they didn't even design, meaning that people will think, "ooh this is nice, wonder if they'll do one for us?". It seems the css template stealing doesn't extend to the other website's he's "designed" (all two of them, that are active), which I guess is a good thing.

Anyway I shall halt my bashing here as it makes me somewhat uncomfortable.

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