Wednesday, 12 March 2008

COFFEE POOPS!!!! is what I cry!

Hey look I've posted a err... post, stupid words. Incidentally stupid gravity too as it just made some tapes (video, not audio) fall off my speakers, doing mild damage to the (unlit) candle beneath them, grrr. which also leads me onto stupid wobbly table, but I digress and this is not the reason for the post.

I've been drinking coffee more than usual recently (ie actually drinking it rather than not) which is a weird sort of way of trying to get my brain to go, wow coffee that means I must work, as I've been drinking coffee whilst working (or in this case blogging). However coffee being the mild laxative that it is (or something like that) it means that I then have to go do potty (hummm... I worry about my sanity at times, this post may reflect my current mood, and may also explain why for the past few weeks I've been acting like a crazy person, maybe coffee's bad for me), to which I have been refering to it as "Coffee poops" as... well it seems to make sense.

So anyway, this is what can only be described as a misguided post and I may have to edit it when I've stopped being a crazy person, or not.

OOOOH, on a more serious not (what a relief) if any of you loverdy people have a nectar card, they're giving 1,000 points if you take the nectar film club (in association with 2 week trial, which isn't long, but two weeks of free dvds is always fun. Get the 3 Dvd package, load your list and cancel with enough time to send them all back intime and you'll hopefully get 1,000 points (28 days after all the criteria are met, which could include doing a little jig for the queen for all I know, and who checks 4 weeks later to see if they went in?). Go make happy film time for yourself!


TheTelf said...

Andy, I fear that coffee has caused you to become a raving lunatic. I have informed the authorities and they will be with you momentarily.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I've realised we've successfully got both blood and poop into this blog, dare we try for any other bodily fluids/functions?

I hope not really