Monday, 17 March 2008

Facebook I err. well actually I'm a little embarressed, err... sorry.

A response to the response from Patrick about my post about... well you get the idea.

From a web 2.0 standpoint, facebook ticks many boxes, and I don't begrudge it that.

I also don't want to discourage people from using facebook, as you so rightly said it is the community that makes it, so to discourage people would be to make it worse, not make it better. One of my housemates left facebook as he thought that too many social events where being organised through facebook and then people without facebook where missing out, he has some odd ideas anyway, but this I thought was particularly pointless.

I have also been using facebook (along with various other web2.0 site) as models for my own social network type site for my dissertation, so it has many plus points which should be noted (as you have) which I should also do.

I like the profile page, I like how you can put a variety of things on there that help to define you to an extend in the virtual world, without the need for knowledge of web design etc. I like how you can post a note to someone on their wall, it's fun and you can just do it whenever about anything. And there's probably more stuff, but I can't think of them right now.

However it also has it's annoyances, but then so does everything, I may have got slightly carried away with my ramblings, which can happen, and come across as all out facebook hating ness things. But that's not really the case, the annoyances don't outweigh the good stuff

I do however only use facebook infrequently now, which is due more to my current lifestyle (ie. doing more work and less sitting in front of a computer doing nothing) but also a little to do with the annoyance I have with facebook at times.

There is also a slight feeling of "jack of all trades" that makes me think that the site is trying to do too much all at once (could be wrong). As I've said somewhere before (maybe my blog) I've recently started using flickr (how slow on the uptake am I with that, only been going for like 5 years or so) which I do like for displaying my better photos, where facebook is more for silly ones, and I will have my own site soon(ish) that will hold everything else I want to put on the intermaweb. But flickr caters for one thing, photos, which is does well. And there are other sites that cater for other single interests, which they do well too, but facebook does lots of stuff and sometimes feels like it crams it all into one space. humm half formed thoughts there, sorry.

So in some form of conclusion, I was overly critical of facebook, but it's more to do with the application creators and the "friends" who keep sending me crap, so I'll tell them off and go on using facebook infrequently. However I still meh it, if someone mentions facebook, I probably wont go off on an hour long rant about how crap it is and how everyone who uses it should die (mainly because it'd include me), but I'm also not going to sing it's praises. Maybe if it had stuck with it's university exclusiveness then it may be a better place, as it wouldn't start catering for kids and the like, but maybe it wouldn't. Anyway I'd much rather see it change to be a better functioning site, where the user is allowed to control the content they receive more (web 2.0 hooooo) than to see it disappear into the interland or get painted with the emo brush (poor myspace).

Well there you have it, Andy's not that crazy really.

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