Thursday, 13 March 2008

Facebook I Meh You!

In the days when facebook was trendy and exclusive (and Salford university was such a nonentity that it wasn't worthy of being part of facebook, here may lie the problem) I really wanted to join and be part of the whole wonderfully new thing. Now I wish that I could be back when I wasn't allowed to join along with the hordes of other losers who now make up the bulk of the facebook community. I still have a facebook account, as it still holds some use, however I wish I could block bits of it from my eyes.

Most of the applications (I'll admit not all of them) are completely pointless and I'm getting a little tired of rejecting requests to add an application which helps you to find out "which animals rectum do you most resemble" or even "what productive task would you be doing right now if facebook didn't exist" (these aren't real applications, as far as I know, but they probably should be).

This leads me nicely onto my point. It'd be great to create an application called the "prickometer" (or "prick-o-meter", depending on your was of pronouncing it) where by you instantly receive 1,000 prick points for installing the app, then it looks at how many apps you already have (10 point per app), then at how many app requests you've sent to friends (4billion points per request, well maybe just 20), then it looks at how often you're on facebook (1 point per minute, -25 for every day in a row you're not), then at when you joined, pre or post open to all day (-25 points for before, +100 for after) and finally it asks you a pile of completely pointless questions, comes up with a "personality" for you and then asks you if this matches with your real personality (with an additional 1,000 points if you chose yes). Finally you get to display your prickitude on your home page, which will be a stupidly huge box (which only sits in the main window) with the words "I'M A HUGE PRICK" in big primary colour letters with a funky pointer thingy on a graded scale beneath it displaying just how much of a prick you are, and a link for your friends to find out how much of a prick they are too!

Here's an artists impression:

Now this all sounds very harsh, and to be honest I don't mean it in an overly aggressive way. I just had the idea and thought it'd be fun, although it may have come out all aggressive, oh well :D

Oh by the way the title refers to my general feelings about facebook these days, "meh" I could live without it quite happily, but since it's here I may as well use it, but I may get bored of it soon.

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