Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Favouritest Favourity Things

Purely because I've just started listening to the Soundtrack from the film (after blasting out the first second of a rage against the machine track with my door open at quarter past midnight with my parents in the next room, ooops) I've decided to make a quick list of my favourite things, which isn't something I normally do as I enjoy so many things, that it seems a bit mean to set one thing above the rest. So some sections will have a list within the list to reflect my general liking of them all equally, meaning they're in no particular order other than rememberance.

Anyway onto the listing.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(such a wonderful sound track, idea, cast and feel to the whole thing. Love it!)

Artist (musical):
Jeff Buckley
Sufjan Stevens
(Depends on my mood)

Artist (the other kind):
Mark Rothko
(I don't really know any other artists and I'm not very cultured)

(mashed is best!)

Xbox Game:
Gears of War
(It's just fun and bloody)
Rainbow Six Vegas (1 & 2)
(Tactical shootery fun)

Harry Potter etc.
(I'm a loser, and don't read much)

No doubt I've forgotten to put some things down, so I may add to this, but then again I probably wont.

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