Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Technological Highs and Lows

Deja Vu? I'm just being lazy.


Mildly pre-emptive, but I've been ripping in all my CDs at 192kbps, so that they are all at nice near CD quality level and I'm into the Ss (essiss) so nearly there. It's been fun finding out which CDs I've bought but not burnt into iTunes (some are just WMP so they could go on my phone).

I also recently got a new battery for my video camera which lasts more than an hour (like way more) so it's now actually a useful commodity.

I dabbled in a bit of 3D Studio Max recently, which was fun. Hopefully I'll do some cool stuff with it and produce something of merit at some point.


As posted on MY BLOG I managed to break my Xbox 360 today, mostly the stupidest thing I've done, all year. However on a high, I then fixed it, so it's all OK.

I also continue to not have a digital SLR yet have had numerous occasions where I wish I'd had one. If anyone would like to buy me one let me know.

Also stupid vaguely technical thing, the stylus on my phone has a habit of flying out when I pull it out of my pocket. Such a wonderfully technical device, yet it fails to do the simple task of holding something in place.

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