Saturday, 15 March 2008

Video Games

Well I just finished Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic (KOTOR for short) which was fun, well I say that, I resorted to cheats as "the fun" had been beaten to a bloody pulp by he end part, along with my character. But I did 99.99999% of it without cheats, so I feel proud.

The thing with KOTOR though is that you can either play it going down the dark side route (which I chose this time round) or the light side (which I chose all the other times I've played it, but never completed it)and various shades of gray, so I have actually fully completed it, maybe in a few years time I'll go back and play it all the way through again as a lovely light side person.

As much as I enjoyed being a complete bastard and ending up ruling the galaxy, hurrah, I felt a little sad for the poor jedi etc. who I deserted/killed, I'm obviously a nice person really, however having the power to kill people from a far with the force or fire lightning at them was very enjoyable, until such time as the people you where fighting became too powerful and immune to your various puny attempts to hurt them, hence the resorting to cheating, but only for the very very last battle.

So I guess onto my point, If there is indeed one. It frustrates me when games, in an attempt to make things challenging decide to dispense with fun and just make things too hard. This may say a lot about my gaming err.. prowess, or lack there of, that I find bit of games too hard. There is also the fact that with games like KOTOR a lot of the fun comes from the fact you wield such great power, lightsabers are the best thing in the universe and the force powers are so much fun it hurts, but when their effectiveness is taken away from you in order to make it more difficult, you feel like you've just had your limbs removed aswell. I think also of much more recent games like Gears of War, where the final boss was stupidly difficult (on easy as well as the harder difficulties) and didn't really give you a hint as to how best to dispatch with him, It eventually happened, but only after not playing the game for weeks then picking it back up and replaying this one section over and over until I finally killed him. Repetition annoys me in games, why should I have to do the exact same thing over and over because my head exploded? why can't it adapt to my way of playing, allowing me to have to really put effort into defeating my foe, but without having to go back to the start constantly? This should hopefully work so that whatever skill level you have you can still have a good battle, without the annoyance. I'm not a game developer and never will be so I'm not likely to be able to do much about this, but hopefully they'll realise that games are meant to be fun and when they become repetitive or more like a chore they need to sort it out.

Anyway on to KOTOR2, weeeeee.

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TheTelf said...

The problem is that creating something interactive, entertaining, compelling, interesting and fun is a lot of work, and allowing repetition and an upwards difficulty curve means that developers can spend more time on dialogue, balance, visuals, AI etc, rather than having to try and make sure that he game feels constantly original.

A number of games nowadays have a variable difficulty setting that changes according to how often you are dying to try to avoid the game being too difficult or easy for you.