Monday, 14 April 2008

From Oedipus to Samuel L. Jackson's Wallet

I'm been wanting to find an excuse to write a post which actually covers the two items listed in the blog title, and I have finally managed to scrape two things together that hopefully aren't too overly obscure.

Firstly Oedipus. Regina Spektor wrote a song called Oedipus that is pretty cool but rather strange. Regina is a rather odd person however, which may have something to do with her Russian background and potentially growing up in Soviet controlled Russia, not entirely sure if that's true though. If you haven't heard any of her stuff I'd advise giving it a listen as it's pretty unique, an interesting mix of err.. well sporadicness and weird singing, but I like it.

Oh yeah and in this video she's hot! Well that's my opinion anyway.

On to Samuel L. Jackson's wallet. Since thinking that it would be fun to post something referencing the two title topics (pretty much from when I was added as a contributor) I've thought that I wasn't likely to find something that would make sense, but recently I did.

Afro Samurai is a cool Animé that features Samuel L. Jacksons voice (as two characters no less) and no doubt it made him some money, that in some form or another resided within his wallet. The Animé is pretty cool and hits all the clichés of Anime, gratuitous violence and overly pressurised human veins, a strange fascination for scantily clad women and a storyline that encompasses hardship and revenge. But it's an interesting mix of western styles and eastern too. For starters its about a black guy who's a samurai and not a Japanese bloke. It;s set to music by RZA (of Wu Tang Clan fame) which is not exactly new, Samurai Champloo did this too and very successfully, but it adds to the coolness of a sword fight (or other such fight) when you've got a phat hip hop beat going on. There's also the fact that it's not the traditional feudal Japan type thing, that is to say that it will happily have fights where one opponent has a couple of revolvers or on one occasion an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade, not Role Playing Game, which aren't so good for fighting with), as with most Animé you suspend disbelief as people can slice bullets with their samurai sword or even an RPG shell without it exploding instantaneously, but hey it's cool. My only quibble so far is that some of the fights tend to end a little too quickly, I like a good prolonged fight sequence.
I haven't yet finished the series, which is only 5 episodes long (unlike the normal 20+ of Japanese animés) but so far it's been entertaining.

So mostly tenuous I guess but I've succeeded in covering both topics of the blog title, hurrah.


TheTelf said...

Wait, did you actually connect Regina Spektor to Afro Samurai at any point? Or was the connection just mentioning them in the same post?

At least you didn't go for the obvious and unsavoury connection intended when naming the blog.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

yeah unfortunately my brain doesn't stretch to connecting the two, however we do now atleast have topics ranging from Oedipus to Samuel L Jackson's wallet, but the main connections where Regina to Oedipus and Afro to Sam-L-J. If I can come up with an overall connection I'll post it.

So what's this obvious unsavoury connection?

TheTelf said...

Doing an image search for 'samuel l jackson wallet' (or watching pulp fiction) and a wikipedia search for oedipus should provide all the answers you need...

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

yeah I think I'll obstain, I vaguely know the story of Oedipus so I'll just keep it at that for the moment.

Also the conclusion of Afro Samurai is decent enough, potential for a sequel type thing, which is nice.