Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Gaming meets real life

Games are usually just something you play on a console or PC and then that's as far as it goes. However Rockstar have launched Social Club which tracks stats from your time playing GTA IV (which is out 29th April, go buy!) which is a nice touch. However perusing the official GTA site led me to find a very cool feature, known as ZiT. Basically if you're playing the game and hear a cool track, you call a number (using your in game phone) and it sends a text to your in game phone with the track details, but it also adds it to your Social Club page allowing you to purchase the track from Amazon MP3, which I think is a pretty cool feature. I wont actually use it for purchasing music, mp3=evil, but it'll be fun to mess about with. GTA IV does look like it will be revolutionary in many ways. I'm waiting for the 29th with bated breath and a cup of coffee. However I may challenge myself not to play it until I've handed my dissertation in 4 days later.

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James said...

not really a comment, but read yesterday - GTA 4 could get the highest first week sales of any entertainment ever. Currently Pirates of the Carribean holds the title with $400m in sales over the first week.