Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Please help me win my dissertation

Not sure how you can win a dissertation but still.

I'm looking for people to help test my site so if you could head over to http://www.csesalford.com/wotherspoonfp register and then post a message (really doesn't matter what) it would be greatly appreciated. It should only take 5 minutes and you can peruse the "many" features of the forum.

There is (as Patrick has pointed out) no focus to the site at the moment, which is due to a lack of development time, so please just have a muck about and let me know what you think, I don't expect you to keep coming back.

cheers and many thanks

EDIT - editted so that I explain it's incredible lack of focus (ironically enough, what my tutor's been saying about my project in general "no focus", oh well who needs focus anyway)


TheTelf said...

What does the forum focus on? There's one mention of parkour in the 'about' bit, but it's not obvious what people are supposed to be discussing.

Also, are you looking for testing? As in, are we allowed to try to break it?

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

well yeah no focus at the moment, it was meant to be parkour focussed, but not enough interest from the other parkour forum I'm on, too well used i guess, so i've opened it up to everyone and anything. which means it's as unfocussed as a badly made student film. And yeah try and break it, it'll be fun to see what things I've done wrong (i'm relatively confident that it's not too breakable, but I'm happy to be proved wrong).

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

it now no longer mentions parkour in the about page.

TheTelf said...

Well it all looks pretty technically sound. I'm by no means an expert on the whole XSS/SQL injection thing, but I'll give it a go.

The main problem atm I'd say is that there's no focus. You might get a small temporary community by asking friends to join, but (unless you're very lucky) you're not going to get them sticking around if there's nothing quantifiable for them to get out of it.

By saying 'come join this community' without making it a community focused on anything particular, you're essentially competing with facebook and myspace. But then I don't know exactly what your aim is for the project.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

initially it was meant to be a parkour focussed website, with stuff like weather reports for peoples locations and other such niceties, however due to a bit of laziness and deadlines I just don't have time to do that, so instead I'm just opening up to anyone so that it has some people on it and i can find if there are any major errors in the code.

Unfortunately the community on the other forum I use for parkour is too well settled, I think, so not overly willing to move. I may ask for their MySQL info and then make it so my site runs off that, thus meaning no one will have to re sign up etc. but not sure how much effort that will take, I'll have to change all the MySQL stuff on my site.

So maybe after uni when I have more time I'll continue developing it so that it goes back to being parkour focussed, but for the time being I just need a bit of content.

TheTelf said...

What's it for? Is it an integral part of your dissertation that you have users contributing stuff? What, ideally do you want to be able to say in your dissertation?

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

that I've done it and I don't have to write a stupid report ever again (interspersed with expletives if you desire). Well basically if my site has no users it can't really demonstrate that it's possible for people to use it, I could have just put a load of fake users in the DB without actually allowing real humans to use it, there is really no other point to it other than giving the appearance of working.