Saturday, 12 April 2008

Unrelated stuffs.

Firstly a quick story from 10 days ago which I haven't got round to posting yet.

I've been filming a promotional video for a church in Aintree so that they can send it to people for funding for a building they're trying to buy (they currently meet in a school and want to be able to provide facilities for the community). As some of you may know the Grand National was on at the start of this month and me and a friend (who was doing directing/producing for me so I didn't have to do a billion jobs on my own) went up to the top of the bridge at Aintree station on the 2nd with a camera and a tripod, my friend Paul notice that a couple of police men where following up behind us, so we held of setting up until they arrived so we could make sure we where alright to film. The very nice sergeant bloke asked us what we where doing, which we told him, and then asked if we minded being stopped and search, to which we replied we didn't. So basically not a pocket emptying type search, but a take all your details and check it on the database to make sure we weren't terrorist or had an outstanding warrant or anything like that, which luckily neither of us did. So mildly eventful time, nothing too horrible but I did get a bit of pink paper out of it. seen below...

-mostly useless full shot, but err proves that it actually exists.

- Unfortunately the top bit with the description of what it is is ripped, but you get to see a description of me, so you can clone me.

- My favourite section of the form, luckily with "No" ticked, this time :D

... or not, because blogger hates me and doesn't want to upload images for me.
[EDIT] - Blogger decided to stop dicking about :D

well onto the next thing. My Xbox 360's blog... yep that's right the blog for my Xbox 360, no I haven't gone mad and decided to start writing a blog from the position of my xbox, someone else has, well actually someone else has written a clever site which essentially shows updates of games played etc. but displays them in the style of a moany xbox, they could maybe have made it so that you could choose a personality for your xbox, but who knows that may exist, I haven't fully looked at the settings yet. Here's the link anyway if you're interested, I've only just set it up so there's not much there at the moment.

I recently bought some stuff for my video camera, a Canon XL1, which is cool but relatively expensive, however not as expensive as it should have been. The batteries I got with the camera where mostly knackered (it being a second hand camera), there where 2, one 3hr one 9 (I think) but both lasted about an hour each as they had been used or left or generally damaged, so I got myself a new 3hr, 9hr and a DC adapter, as I didn't have one, all from jessops. "NO, you idiot!" I here you cry, "why would you buy them from a high street store?" because I can get staff discounted (or could) as my friend used to (until last week) work there. Luckily I asked her to get the 9hr battery and dc adapter a few days before she left (which I wasn't aware of until afterwards), she'd previously bought the 3hr as she needed to used my camera and wanted to be able to use it for more than a hour with the current batteries. Anyway moral of the story, having a friend who works in a shop that sells camera stuff who can get staff discount so you're not paying a hundred odd quid for stuff is very useful.

Also this being my final year of uni and also the final month or so I shall not really thinking of anything else but that for a while and with luck manage to come out the other end with a decent degree, I shall let you know if this is the case. After that I shall be hopefully moving to the Wimbledoon area so I may see a few of you in person, which will be nice (for me atleast).

That's it for now.

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