Monday, 19 May 2008

Andy's Weekly Roundup 190508

I'll try to do one of these once a week if I can be bothered, but hopefully on Sunday, it being the start of a new week.

You may also notice that this bares similarities to another post made today, but then creativity is the ability to steal someone else's idea and make it look like your own work :D

This week...

~ I successfully altered a website to run on PHP and MySQL.

~ I Compiled a list of websites I've created over the years so I could use it to apply for jobs.

~ Played around with Flash for the first time in years.

~ I laboured over a video so that it would: Be consistent with what my friend had done on his computer; burn to a DVD without blue screening my computer; burn to a DVD without having a disc error.

~ I struggled to grasp how Illustrator and Photoshop worked together so that I could produce a DVD image that I could print onto the DVDs I just created.

~ I decided that, while still not great to have in your kitchen at night, baby slugs are nicer that fully grown ones.

~ I woke up with my boxers on inside out (I'm still unsure as to whether I'd spent the whole day like this or managed to do it in my sleep).

~ I found this video
~ Mozilla produced their release candidate for firefox 3.

~ I lead this weeks meeting at my church leaving those there with no doubt that I was a complete idiot :D

~ I performed relatively badly in an exam.

~ I ignored a friend profusely due to having too much work to do.

~ I spent a good deal of time in Liberty City.

~ I downloaded the latest version of AVG free and decided that it was good.

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