Sunday, 25 May 2008

Andy's Weekly Roundup 250508

Two weeks on the run, hurrah.

Well this weeks been a bit odd in a few ways, mostly because it was my last week in Manchester, so I've been slowly seeing various people for the last time for a while, with tonight's church service being the last time I'll see the majority of people I know.

So onto the bullet pointed vagueness.

This week...

~ I finished uni, final thing being presenting my dissertation, which went relatively well.

~ I found this blog, pretty cool weird stuffs.

~ I reformatted my computer (back to a single partition) and reset my phone to factory settings (it was being a turd).

~ I went out to do some parkour for the last time in Manchester for a while, was really good.

~ I got to see some drunken idiots in their underwear jump into a horrendously brown canal, then watch their discarded clothes get blown in after them by the wind.

~ I get over excited by the prospect of going to America in January.

~ I heard that a guy from my old church in Maghull was in hospital on life support after an operation went wrong, which is kinda scary.

~ I'd planned to do a gif like telf of my beardiness, but due to the afore mentioned format to my computer I haven't got round to installing photoshop.

~ I was woken at 6am two days in a row as my phone decided to play silly games and think that the alarm I'd set for a sensible time in the morning was still set to 6 despite not actually saying that!

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