Sunday, 25 May 2008

Cartoon Nostalgia

Through various silly reasons I came across a video of cartoon title sequences from the 80s which made me wonder, were cartoons actually good when we were kids and now they're crap, or was it that we were just kids so thought they were good?

anyway enough of that, onto a selection of cartoon titles sequences from cartoons I remember as a kid, in no particular order:

He-man and the Masters of the Universe:

Don't remember much of this intro, but I remember the cartoons

and conversely

She-ra: Princess of Power

I don't think I ever watched this, but it seems like it needed to be here so I could comment on the fact they went "well we've done he-man, what can we do now... I know let's do exactly the same but with a women!" Not that that's a bad thing, just that maybe they could have changed the main idea a little bit more


The old classic and a favourite of many

Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtles:

Saturday mornings wouldn't be the same without these green, pizza eating dudes

Duck Tales:

Not one of my favourites, but still good fun

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars:

Totally awesome, only ever had one series, which I own on DVD and enjoy watching


I only really remember the action figures me and my bro had and bits of the intro

Jayce and the Wheel Warriors:

Don't remember the name or the cartoons them selves, but recognise the vehicles and the bad guys strange head

Defenders of the Earth:

So cool, I can just about sing along in my head, well der de der along at least

Captain Planet:

So much fun and so very topical with today's situation, shows that global warming was thought about years ago


Crap intro, but I remember loving the actual cartoons. Poomar? what the fructose is a Poomar? maybe they mean puma.

You may notice that transformers is missing from this list, that's because the cartoons passed me by as a kid and I was never really a fan, this being a list of the cartoon I remember it doesn't feature, sorry.

There are no doubt more that I'd remember if I saw the intros, but for the time being these are all the ones I can think of.


TheTelf said...

Anyone who's ever talked to me about children's television has realised that I apparently missed out all the defining programmes of my childhood. I'm pretty sure I never saw any of these apart from TMNT, which I think I saw a few times, but not regularly.

James Bond Jr? Godzilla the cartoon? Recess? Saved By The Bell? California Dreams? Anyone?

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Was never a big fan of JBJr, never heard of Godzilla, Recess was verging on need to stop watching cartoons age for me, Saved by the bell was awesome, California Dreams only vaguely remember.

immedia reaction said...

When your righteous indignation has suffered a hit, and your photon accelerator's broken a bit, and you're losing your mind and you're having a fit, get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it!

I'm afraid I gave up playing the vids after that one Andy. I fucken loved Bucky O'Hare when I was 7, even though I didn't know what a photon accelerator might be until A-level physics and the toads' evil computer overlord (Complex) scared me something chronic, and may well be why I am still something of a technophobe even today.. (the red crosses in the centre of the eyes, made of pixels.. they're gonna get me aaaargh no!!!!)

I just loved the fact that the nerdy kid was a spaceship engineer when he entered an alternate dimension through his wardrobe... so much fun to be hard with over-analysing that (gay subtext anyone? :P).

As for over-analysing, it's interesting to note that while He-Man gets to say "by the POWER of Grey Skull", She-ra has to say "for the HONOUR of Grey Skull". For men it's about exerting power, for women, it's about honour and protecting their chastity so they can make suitably advantageous marriages. Women can only take on male roles in the defence of virtue and honour. They can't exert power for it's own sake.

And on a completely serious tangent, I find the over-masculisation of the name He-Man hilarious. I suppose the creators thought She-Woman just sounded a bit too stupid.. the miracle is why they didn't figure this out with the first cartoon.

In summation:

Best opening credit animation: Thundercats
Best theme song: Bucky O'Hare
Stupidest lyric: Heroes in a half shell (it makes them sound like some of seafood starter)

And yes, our cartoons were way better than the shit they produce now. Though Biker Mice From Mars was a bit later and still good. Also, the 3D CGI Butt Ugly Martians which is relatively recent is also good "Urm, can anyone here give me a ride to Earth? Preferably someone who doesn't eat Earthlings?" Though the rather unimaginative theme tune goes like this: "We are the martians, the butt-ugly martians!" Awe-inspiring.

When I was young, I watched: Grange Hill, Newsround, Blue Peter, Simon and the Witch, Mud, Rugrats (under duress), Uncle Jack, Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (yay for Melissa Joan Hart, despite her kinky sex life!), Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell (very very occasionally) and way way way back many centuries SUPERTED!! Mighty Mouse, Dangermouse, Fingerbobs and Button Moon. Also, Pingu for the win!

I'm done. For now.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...


immedia reaction said...

Andy, if we ever do this meeting up thing, you HAVE to bring your Bucky O'Hare DVD.. or I will have to do something very painful to you :)