Friday, 16 May 2008

An Immediate Reaction to an Immedia Reaction

I thought that it best to just post a response to Hannah's post instead of rambling in a comment.

As my blogging name covers my real name nicely, I can skip over that section and head over to how I know the other guys (or don't in the most case)

Right, this is how I know Patrick, at least. In Patrick's first year at Uni he was put in a room with a strange little man called Joe (who also "blogs" here), who I have know for a gazzillion years because we used to go to secondary school together, so I met Patrick ever now and then when I visited Joe (an infrequent thing, which I am most ashamed by). So I got to know Patrick like that, and subsequently met BamBi a couple of times. I don't know James, Martin or indeed yourself, yet, but as I am moving to Wimbledoon in a week or so I may get to meet you all (or not, no idea where you live).

I'm just finishing off uni in Salford (only one thing left to do , a 15 minute presentation of my dissertation) where I've been studying Professional Sound & Video Technology. I'm mostly a computer nerd type person as I enjoy being sat in front of a computer and staring at such things as code or various other silly things. I also enjoy my computer games and have an Xbox 360 (which is so much fun).

Prior to university I did two years work in a concert venue in Clithereo, which has recently finished having renovations done to it, which where meant to take 18 months, but took from when I left to just recently to complete. I enjoyed this immensely so decided to get a degree in what I was doing.

I do, strange as it may seem, have an outdoor life too. I practise Parkour in Manchester, which I hope to continue in London, but not sure if I'll get round to it. Being of slender built, but tall, this can lead to issues as a smaller built is preferable for Parkour, but I still enjoy it and it keeps me pretty fit.

I also have a beard, of varying lengths and style, depending on what I can be bothered doing. Currently it is in it's Goatee with side burns stage, which is fun.

Oh and I'm a Christian. Wow can't believe I forgot that (well actually I can, I'm stupid like that), I try to maintain that it's the most important thing about me that I should always tell people first, but oh well I forgot. It is however the most important thing about me which I should (but invariably don't) tell people about when they first meet me.

Which leads me onto, I forget things a lot! like seriously a lit, I have a very poor short term memory, it sucks.

I'm a big fan of Animé and Japanese culture and intend to go there at some point. My plan is to learn some form of martial art, as they're awesome. I enjoy a variety of films, from the gruesome and bloody to the cute and furry (ie. the Lion King, rocks hard) and I'm generally willing to share my opinion on things like that, as can be seen at Drink Your Milkshake (not mine, that'd be weird). I also enjoy my music and various other such delights.

Anyway I think I'm getting to the point where I'm divulging far too much information and I'll end up telling you my bra size (if I indeed had one), or more appropriately that I'm sat here in my boxers as I haven't bothered getting up to go for a shower yet.


immedia reaction said...
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immedia reaction said...

Same question to you re: women priests.

As for martial arts, do judo! It rocks! Then you too will learn the joy of wrestling sweaty men in towel-like pyjamas.

Seriously though, judo is amazingly good fun. And very adaptable to whatever body shape you are.

17 May 2008 09:53

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I commented about women jews? no women priests in joe's post, so I forward you to there.

Not sure where the women jews thing came from, it was, for some reason, the next word in my head when I was thinking/typing this. Odd how my brain words at times.
I think I worked it out, maybe a weird mix of priest and joe, potentially, not sure.

If you don't mind me asking what are your own views on Christianity and indeed women priests?

I shall consider judo, my thoughts have been leaning toward ninjitsu (i did a small amount in my first year, then ran out of money) and also kendo as you get to put on samurai armour and hit each other with sticks. I'm sure it's slightly more convoluted than that, but still.

immedia reaction said...

My views on women priests are very much pro them, in fact, bring on women bishops. I've actually got a post forming in my head about my own religious views at the moment, so I may elaborate elsewhere at greater length some other time. Don't mind you asking at all.

And I have no idea where you got this women jews idea from at all...