Thursday, 8 May 2008

more links

I'm not sure how best to do these really. I rarely remember links I find and want to blog and i'm not sure if posting 1 link each time i find one is a good idea. I may email them to telf so he can then add them to his regular link posting exploits, that alright buddy?

anyway here's the link I have so far:

light criticism

I came across this vid a while back in the days when I lived with azureus vuze, a cool peer to peer programme where I came across many a cool video. I found it again today when clearing out my hard drive, need to capture some footage onto my computer, so decided to find an internet version and post it. This comes straight from the Anti Advertising Agency which is all good fun and was in association with the Graffiti Research Lab website, which is a cool site about graffiti and stuff like that.

Well I've managed to come up with another link to Ruairi Robinson's site, he's a director/film maker of sorts and did a short film called The Silent City (HD / SD) which featured Cillian Murphy.

And if you like retro games and metal, then you may like this

well that'd do it for the moment, enjoy.


TheTelf said...

Personally I use delicious ( to keep track of cool sites I find while surfing. It even comes with a handy firefox extension that makes logging such lings very easy indeed. Once I've got five or six links up there, I'll do a post and pick out the ones I think are of interest.

So if you want to be a step ahead of my gloriously dull linkables posts, keep an eye on You could use the same system to keep track of your own links - that way you've got a record if you need to find a site but can't remember the address (it's helped me like this a few times).

And I'll check out the videos at a time when I'm not at work.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

cool, cheers. strangely never bothered with before, but maybe I will now