Saturday, 3 May 2008

The sweet, sweet release that is finishing uni (almost)

My blogging exploits have been (how come blog and associated extensions of this word aren't in the Firefox dictionary? Nor, for that matter is Firefox) a little on the non existent side of late, due mostly to university sapping the very essence out of me, like some kind of giant mosquito. So I shall no doubt be rambling on for a while, sorry.

Firstly, I am a little annoyed that I will have to endure the mayorship of a right-wing [insert favourite insult here] when I move to London, in about 3 weeks time. I know I can't blame Telf for his appointing and seeing I wasn't there to vote (or registered) I didn't have anything to do with it either. However I will moan profusely if anything annoys me while I'm there, about how I was unable to vote as I didn't live there for another 3 weeks so why should I have to suffer him. However it's hardly like he won by 1 vote. Hopefully he wont try to ear tag anyone who isn't white and British or make it illegal to be left wing, but who knows. To be honest I have no idea what his position is on anything (nor do I really care) so I should probably stop commenting.

Having finally got my Dissertation (should that be capitalised) out of the way, I am still a little confused as to what I should and shouldn't do. I've been so used to feeling guilty about not doing work, but ignoring it still, that I still feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm playing games etc. AS I recently received GTA IV, I've been playing that quite a bit and it's living up to the hype mostly. There have been a couple of annoying things which have happened, such as accidentally jumping off a building to my death whilst in the middle of a mission as I was panicked slightly, whilst in the middle of a fire fight) so pressed the wrong button, climbing onto the piece of cover I was hiding behind, then, while trying to get down before getting shot to pieces, jumped in the entirely wrong direction and promptly died. I also failed a mission because I, again accidentally, jumped down some stairs and grabbed onto the bottom step of the flight above me that my comrade was running up, at which point the game told me I'd abandoned my friend so I'd failed. I had obviously not abandoned him, he'd run off, I'd got confused and it had all gone wrong. Not exactly great gameplay. Finally I was arrested from behind (without any warning) whilst having a fist fight with a guy in a shop, I was backing away, and managed to go through the door straight into the cop with his gun out, there is sometimes a break out button, but being focused on the guy trying to punch me I must have missed it, or it just didn't appear. Anyway other than those things it's great, the guns are cool, the cars are sweet, the storyline's interesting enough and the graphics are fantastic (but still room for improvement as is obvious really). Incidentally I'm not completely finished with uni. One exam and a presentation of my dissertation left.

I hope to start developing a couple of sites now that I have my free time. Firstly my own, which will be a kind of portfolio site with a selection of my previous works, and I was thinking of try to produce a kind of reviewing site, but not sure if it'll work. Telf had mentioned that he'd tried this and it hadn't got very far, but it might be fun as coding practise. The main idea is a site where you can review anything you want, films, music, games, horses, but as with a lot of things I do this may lack focus and thus just be too open, meaning no one cares enough. However I personally would like to review/rate various things, but only need one place to put my opinions as opposed to 20 different sites. I'd also like to have it work as a mobile site too, not sure of how to do this yet, but I get annoyed when I'm in a shop staring at DVDs and want to know if a film's good or not, so if I could go to a site where it's been rated by various people and get an average rating but also see how it compares to other things I like and if friends who like the same stuff as me like it, that'd be cool. Maybe overly adventurous though, who knows.

I'm going to have to start searching for work in the Raynes Park/Wimbledon area so that I can actually afford to live there, so I'll be starting my search this week. If you happen to know of any work that I may be able to do (I'm a web designing/developing, graphic designing, studio engineering, sound engineering, camera operating, video editing, after effects animating nerd) then let me know. Failing that I'll go work in Dixons.

On the whole moving to London thing, I've kinda exited but also a little upset at having to leave Manchester, I have some good mates here and a great church. But my emotions are all a little weak at the moment, I just don't seem to know what's going on so I'm just not really reacting to anything. But hey in a few weeks I'll probably be crying, laughing and generally wishing I knew what was going on, so for the time being it's OK being blasé (if that's how you spell it).

I've watch a couple of good films today, which I going to review, but will stick them on my blog. This is purely because I don't want to encroach on drink my milkshake. So by way of err.. something or other I'll not put them here. I'm happy for Bambi to copy and paste them into DMM if he wants to, but don't feel obliged, my reviewing technique's not great and I wont be in anyway offended :D (if you can't find them it may be because I haven't wrote them yet).

I've got some organising to do on various things. My room, it's an utter tip, my hard drives, they're all getting rather full and have lots of crap on them, my blog posts as, they rarely get tagged and my brain, it's just a bit scrambled at the mo, for various reasons. Hopefully this wont get too heavy, but if it does sorry.

I've kinda been in a couple of strange moods, from really f*@#ing annoyed at stupid thing which generally results in me swearing profusely, (which I'm not overly averse to, but as a Christian it has various connotations, I'll come to that later), to being utterly at ease with things and just getting on and doing things that need doing but I generally can't be arsed with (like washing up). I can kinda get angry over nothing at times, like when I filled my plate to overflowing resulting in me kicking the panel from on of our cupboard doors in (crappy doors more than manly Andy), which is a great example of when lashing out at inanimate things doesn't help. I usually have the urge to break things when I get angry, but then when I do I feel worse. Further more to the door story, I then got annoyed at my housemates DVD controller (it's a temperamental little turd) so threw it onto the floor, when it exploded apart and then stopped working completely. Finally, after calming down, I got my soldering iron out and fixed it :D, which was fun. With regard to the swearing thing, seeing I've been alone for a good while as both my housemates are at work and I was doing my dissertation, I just got used to swearing without thinking about it. But then having to restrain myself when in other company. I'm not happy with things like that, having to personalities. I realise there's the whole polite company type thing, but should I really have to ways of thinking, one on my own (or with certain people) and another when with a different lot of people, it hardly paints a good picture of me. Also swearing generally makes me angrier, visceral words are easier spat than said which then puts me into a more aggressive mood, thus increasing my agitation. However using words like fiddle or whatever have a weird calming effect, I guess it's the absurdity of saying something like that when the normal reaction is to swear your head off. This kinda makes me think about the music I listen too, the films I watch and the games I play, would I want to do listen/watch/play these things in front of various people, if not then should I even do them in the first place? This is quite Christian orientated, so if you're kinda thinking "what the hell arr (ooh piratey) you going on about?" then just ignore me. I get a lot of peace out of just getting on and doing things though, like just doing the dishes, because there's actually not that many and then it's out of the way, or taking the bins out because it's better than leaving them in the "conservatory" thing we have, etc. but it's a bit of a stretch sometimes as I'm just so used to being lazy that I don't want to not be. Anyway I'm starting to think this may be getting boring and just wasting space so I'll stop.

I recently went to a hip-hop gig, the RZA (rizza) from Wu-Tang Clan was playing, under the guise of Bobby Digital, which I kinda went to on a whim, and had a relatively good time. He was being supported by a DJ called Flying Lotus, who to be honest was better than the RZA himself. There was an annoying happening at the start of the RZAs set, he turned up onto the stage with a busted mic, the techies kept trying to get it to work but it just fed back, so they resorted to just sending out the foldback speakers, which is stupid. Finally one of the other guys on stage with him swapped mics with him so he could be heard, but I was mostly annoyed at how unprofessional it all was and how it took like 10 minutes to get sorted. Prior to the gig RZA had done an interview/Q&A session, which we managed to get in, which was pretty cool, we where sat in the second row, so managed to get a pretty good pic of him with my camera phone (sorry, I just said a dirty word). Anyway there where a variety of types at the gig, from rockers to Christians (ie. me and the two guys I went with) so all good fun. Half way through RZAs set I got overly hot and felt rather ill so left to stand by the door for some fresh air, this would've been a lot nicer if there hadn't been a flipping light pointed straight at my face from the stage, but it atleast stopped my passing out (which I'm, prone to doing if I get too hot).

Here's a pic:

Sorry for the crapness and the date stamp, phone camera and my phone's been playing up so I've reset it recently and not turned it off yet.

I think that may be it for my rambling, I'm really sorry for the length, I've kinda sat on some of these things for a while. Please let me know if stupidly long posts are annoying and I'll aim to keep thing more concise, maybe I'll just try and do that anyway.

I'll be aiming to blog more regularly now, if I have stuff to say, so that a few more people can read about things they probably don't care about and wish they'd never bothered read :D hurrah for blogging, power to the idiot (ie. me). Oh and if any one wants to join me in a rebellion against the Tories let me know.

Wow this really is stupidly long, I'm really sorry.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that about film reviews, Andy, as I've been meaning to enquire as to whether you'd like to be a contributor to DYM. Due to more pressing commitments I hadn't got round to it, and didn't want to just add you randomly. So, if you'd like to contribute to DYM you're more than welcome, so just let me know.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Yeah that'd be cool. cheers.