Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Poll: Faked or not?

To be honest I think the answer is pretty obvious when you consider the points I shall make afterwards, but I'd still like your opinions. Sorry about the quality, camera phone, moving train, came off quite well though, I put it on burst so it just took as many pics as possible (30) and then I chose the best.

OK here's what makes me think that the stuff on the table (as well as the background) is faked.

Firstly the background is obviously put on, the light on the man's face looked wrong when looking at it in real life.

The bottle is what drew me to the oddities. The perspective of the table is slanted, you're above the line of the table, however the top of the bottle is completely flat. Now this could be just that the lid of the bottle is in line with the centre of the lens, but it just looks out of place. Also in real life the mans hand was slightly visible through it, but not in anyway distorted from the cylindrical nature of the bottle (and the water inside). It just has the look of a flat photo stuck directly onto another with different perspective.

The bag, on the other hand, has it's string handles facing upwards, as if it where being held, but it's sat on the table, maybe the gravity was turned off. At first the perspective of the bag looked fine, so it was only when I noticed the handles did I think to take a photo (how very lame).

The question remains, why would you take a photo of two people looking out a window and then go, "crap we need some stuff on the table", maybe it's the ploy of "hey there's thing on the table in that picture, I must by some things from the over priced shop."



TheTelf said...

Where was this photo? was it part of an advert? If so I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was composited from various different photos (possibly even from stock photos).

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

An advert for the Duo tickets on a Northern Rail train. So yeah cheap and pointless production, however I would've done it better had it been me.

The people sat on the train are very similar to the one I was on (different colour seats) but that's easy enough to take a photo of that. I think the bg is of manchester (look familiar), but can be shot from anywhere and the stuff on the table is the only other things in the shot, so essentially 4 different pics.

immedia reaction said...

While I would agree that the photo is faked, you can get bags with rigid handles that stick up like that...