Thursday, 19 June 2008


As you may have noticed I've been a bit quiet of late on the old bloggamajig, which I think is largely down to settling into London (and not having my computer for a week), but also my general lack of doing anything, however things have changed a little. Firstly I have something worth blogging about (and bragging) and secondly I'll be trying to cram as much fun things into my life as possible now that I have less time to do things in. Anyway this is all due to the fact I have just managed to secure myself some gainful employment as a web developer in a company called Cantos that does video streaming etc. for companies within the ftse 100 and 250 and such niceties. So I now have an income (and what I think is quite a good one) which I shall be getting (no doubt a month later) from wednesday onwards. So all good fun and tasty treats.


TheTelf said...

'gratz on the job. Where are you going to be working?

Fine if you don't want to say, but interested in what the salary is, from a purely professional comparison point of view, of course.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job!

Just catching up on your posts. As far as maths was concerned I was always told I was impossibly, horribly good at maths when I was at school, and given the impression that I was a dunce at English (some of this is documented in Growing Up A Misfit Part 2) but I always wanted the assessment to be round the other way, to be told I was good at English.

Conversely this only led me to dislike Maths as much as the kids who weren't good at it (I had no desire to become an accountant, or maths teacher, or anything scientific that might involve maths) and also pushed me to strive more with English, a subject that may not have been my forte but that I desperately wanted to excel in, and work in (ie writing or journalism).

Best wishes,

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...


Web development for video streaming for internal communication of companies in the ftse 100/250 (and some others)

£22k per anus (which is nice)

I start on Wednesday

I'm mostly composed of blancmange.

TheTelf said...

I meant where geographically.

and lol @ "£22k per anus" - oh but to have two arses...

immedia reaction said...

Andy, was "anus" deliberate or a typo?