Thursday, 31 July 2008

Almost bought an iPhone today...

...but then I didn't.

...oh all right I'll expand a little. They only had the white ones, which I agreed to buy initially, begrudgingly, but then orange decided that they'd post my PUK, PIK, POK, PAK, WHACK, FLICK, FU... errr yeah, code to me (the arse bandits) so I decided that waiting in a shop until my parents could post it to me (as it goes to my billing address which is still my parent's house) would be a silly thing. So therefore no poncey white iPhone for me, thank PAK. So anyway, I will eventually get an iPhone, but in black, which will be fun.

So there you have it my first post in about a month or more and it was a pointless tail of gaining nothing. Hurrah.