Friday, 29 August 2008

Sleep is for the weak...

...and those who are tired and wish to rest themselves before the new day begins.

However I don't have that luxury today.

After coming back from York, where I was a holidaying, on Wednesday, so I could be in work for 6pm to do a late shift, of which I got back home at 1am, I then embarked upon another late shift this fine eve, where I got back home at half 3. I am currently supping beer and contemplating my next move, which is to return to York for the rest of Friday and come back from York Saturday morning.

Now this may seem like a silly idea seeing that I will only get to spend one day in York, to which I say "Pushawww!", for a few reasons. Firstly because it's fun to say and secondly because it'll be spent in good company and in a beautiful city. To ensure that I get the maximum amount of time possible in York I'm going to get a train from Raynes Park at the most excellent time of 5:49, whereby I shall arrive in York at 8:55, get upon a bus of mostly unknown origin which will hopefully take me to Heslington, where the rest of those I was holidaying with reside. With luck this will mean that I shall have an enjoyable morning, afternoon and with luck evening in York before I have to return the next morn.

This may all sound like a pile of madness, but who cares I spent £50 on a train ticket and I'm going to flipping use it! I'm not going to get any sleep for a good while meaning that the last day of my holiday will be either utterly awesome due to sleep deprivation or completely crap for the same reason.

Anyway I'm off for a shower because I forgot my deodorant and I'm a tad sweaty from being in a stuffy office.

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