Wednesday, 6 August 2008

things I can now do

Now that I actually have am iphone, and a black one at that, I can firstly make posts on this blog on the train, but I can also, more importantly listen to any on the various albums I possess, which is so much better than having an incredibly limited number on my old phone.

Incidentally, I'm on my way into work at 5 as I'm doing a late shift, which should be fun.

Now I'm currently listening to the bejork greatest hits album, which is pretty cool. I'm not normally one for greatest hits, as my general thought is that the whole album is a piece of art so to break up a piece of art would be silly, but having no real knowledge of which albums by bejork are good I opted for the mix of songs deemed great by someone else in a hope of getting a general idea of bejork as an artist.

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