Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I've been thinking about my attitude towards things of late and have been trying to become much less judgemental and more aware of peoples different opinions. There are obviously some things that I still just wont tolerate, racism, human exploitation and acting twatty, to name a few. This does however require me to ignore some of my base reactions to things, stuff which I've been indoctrinated with from an early age which requires me to be a little more aware of my though process. Anyway this is all very vague really but it leads me to the following.

I was looking out of my window and noticed that there where quite a large proportion of black people on the bus outside, which lead me to think about apartheid in America and Rosa Parks. Anyway with that in mind I wondered if I would be an advocate of equal rights back then or would I have been one of those people who goes with the masses? I can't really answer this. I'd like to say yeah I'd totally be for equal rights, but I'm not sure if I'd have just gone with the general populous or not. I do wonder how much of my beliefs and morals are purely to do with my upbringing and how many are a conscious decision I've made at some point in my life.

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TheTelf said...

It's always difficult because there's no way to compare our opinions to any kind of objective standard. Whether we can be confident that our views are valid depends on what we're aiming for in life.

If we are looking to impress our idea of God, for example, our definition of a "valid" view point might be different from someone who is looking to make money, or to improve society.

What would you say is your "aim" with your views and actions?