Monday, 6 October 2008

Signs of The Times.

You may have seen a variety of posters with THE TIMES and a random image stuck between the two words. I was initially confused by this and not really sure what it mean, mainly because the one I kept seeing was of some fat kid, which is a little perculiar. Anyway I noticed a few more, one of Putin (I think) holding a model of a nuclear missile (again, I think), Mr Barrack Obama and most recently of Niko from GTA IV, which gave me the answer to the "riddle". The are displaying the times. Our times. These times. The issues of today. And clevely, purhaps, they are signs of the times in both senses of the word, hence the title.

So anyway, you may have already realized all this, if so well done, if not, now you know.


The Big LeBamski said...

I've not seen any of these. Any chance of a link to some pictures on the 'net?

Hanspan said...

Urg. GTA. Killing prostitutes to get money back. Quality publication. Dumbing down. Incoherent rambling. Feminist bile rising. etc etc.

The Big LeBamski said...

Hannah, whilst you may not be the biggest fan of the GTA franchise for whatever reason, surely you can't deny that its popularity and the potential effect of it on the populace, and the youth sector in particular, is a current issue and therefore is something that should be addressed in whatever way by the press, be it a "quality publication" or not? I highly doubt that The Times is simply promoting the GTA franchise.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Also the GTA franchise does not tout itself as a prostitute killing sim, this is what the pathetic losers of the world do to satiate their idiocy. I haven't, whist playing GTA IV or indeed at any time in my real life, done such an act and don't intend to, being of sound mind.

Also, sorry couldn't find any images, may take a few photos on my phone if I can.

TheTelf said...

Oh, good, bringing up killing prostitutes in a discussion about GTA. Yeah, 'cos when you think of The Sims, you think of trapping people in burning rooms and leaving them to die of exhaustion by drowning in swimming pools. And when you think of Sim City, you think of causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people by instigating natural disasters. And that piece of paper on the desk - why that's just there so someone can use it to write hate mail, or libelous rumours, or sexist propaganda. Because if something CAN be done in a medium, then clearly that's what that medium was INTENDED to be used for.

Also, what Bambi said. Video games are becoming a larger and larger part of modern cultural life, and complaining when serious publications start to take them seriously just makes you look reactionary.

Hanspan said...

Urm... I was being sarcastic. With regard to the prostitute thing anyway. And taking the piss out of myself. I wouldn't normally a) label what I say as incoherent rambling and b) then expect it to be taken seriously... Probably would have been more effective if I'd recorded an audio clip. 'pologies.

As for whether or not The Times should be writing about GTA and whether it's a plug, that's an entirely different issue. It could very well be a plug, based on whatever video games The Times gets sent on the offchance by promotion companies. The newsworthiness or otherwise of PR is very much up for discussion in my book.

Alternatively, they could well have a leisure section that deals with these things and actively solicits freebies, which is a large part of what entertainment journalism is about.

Given the success of the game, it could well be The Times just trying to prove it's down wiv da yoof. Which is all part of an advertising campaign, I know, but I dislike quality publications making shameless bids to appear what they're not. The Independent and The Telegraph are doing similar things by upping their tit count (or "celebrity" content) and it's something that annoys me.

Sorry if my incoherent expression of this in some way led me to malign a video game I've never played and never want to. Yes I don't like the idea of it and I've said that in the past, but I'm slightly surprised you felt the need to dignify it with a response.

Also on a side note, when I do think of Sims I think of leaving people in burning houses and drowning them in swimming pools, because that's precisely what a friend of mine used to do with a sim she'd named after our headteacher. But I've never particularly wanted to play that game either.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

I'm guessing that it's there because it was something that was particularly controversial and thus a good depiction of "the times", hence the reasoning behind the post, kinda wish I'd not mentioned GTA, I just like games is all... Anyway more examples... Mugabe, some woman doing yoga (not sure what that's all about), Putin with a space rocket (not nuclear missile. Alright, I admit it I saw Russian with huge pointy thing and thought cock, I mean nuclear missile), errr... can't remember any more.