Friday, 19 December 2008

Ctrl Alt Shift Open-Brain

The title is something that I came up with a while ago and really hasn't much sense to it other than combining the fun of keyboard shortcuts and the general brain farting existence, and thus relates to me quite well.

So there's an explanation of that, just so that you kinda get where it comes from as it's mostly unrelated to this post, although is some strange ways it is

So I came across this piece on writing styles a week or so ago via the medium of stumbleupon. In it says something to the effect of "Write like whot you does", but better worded and using proper English. The actual phrase is "Sound like yourself", point 5, paragraph... I dunno, 27. And this has kinda made me think a little more about my "writing style" and how I tend to try, to a degree, to tone myself down a little and not really be true to my thought process, in a sense.

I'm relatively liberal with my typing on this 'ere blog, but I do find that I'm trying to make it as well written as possible (generally not very well written at all), which sometimes leads to something that is relatively soulless (not that it ever will really have a soul, but you get my point).

Anyway, I'm also probably going to have to keep to point 2 as well, "don't ramble", probably the most difficult for me to do.

Well yes, that's it really, aiming to keep my personality whilst writing anything really, I find that work emails are the hardest thing to write as I really don't want to put my personality into them too much, mainly because my personality doesn't suit the environment I work in and also it'd probably lead to me being inappropriate, not in a sleazy way, but in a make a silly comment that goes down like a lead balloon, anyway rambling, sorry. Errr... yeah so my posts are normally relatively rife with textual representations of my thoughts, but I tend to reign them in a little, so it's more likely that their presence will increase rather than decrease. Sorry.

I guess I kinda want to urge the rest of you to be a bit more personal with your posts and inject nuances of yourself into your writing (which I think mostly happens anyway) as it could help to make this blog even more unique and hopefully better as it becomes less about reading well formed documents about things that have caught our attention during the week/month and more about engaging with each other, and allowing other people to engage with us, on a more personal level and share our various experience of life. Not to say that I think that this blog is lifeless or anything. So enough back-pedalling and rabbiting.


Andy Wotherspoon
Web Developer

(as my work emails end so boringly)

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