Sunday, 14 December 2008

Geese with tatoos and trumpets with wings...

...These aren't a few of my favourite things, but these are:

A) Innovative use of technology (coupled with common sense).
It mostly comes down to things that you can geek out over like the size of flash memory or the versatility of an iPhone, but also extends to sensible things like Facebook (I don't normally compliment Facebook for anything but this I will) where searching for someone's name like (Tiff) and being presented with the person you where looking for on the strength of mutual friends is great and sensible.

2) People with extraordinary gifts (who don't flaunt it too much)
I get a chill that runs down my spin when I see/hear a kid who is great at something or see something that I know required skill. I went to see Monkey: Journey to the West, last night at "The O2" (a twatty name if ever there was one) and the first few minutes gave me the same chill/get me close(ish) to tears at just the sheer awesomeness of the music, graphics and skills displayed within. I guess some of it comes down to longing to be that good myself, but hey it still makes me happy.

III) working out how to do something for a website after going "wonder if I can do that?"
It just makes me happy, I have achieved something I wanted to do, wooo.

For) A good story
Something that I can really engage with and get lost in and get some emotional response out of me (getting kinda close to crying on a train with lots of people around, always fun). This covers books, films, music, games, comics, pictures, anything really that can convey a story really.

%) Being able to be generous
Having a job has enabled me to say things like "Do you want me to buy you lunch" and other such things. I enjoy being able help someone out in a way that is relatively easy but can make a difference, when I was a poor student not having to worry about affording something was nice and help relieve the stress I felt from struggling with money, so to be able to do that for someone else is cool, I should do it more!

9(but upside down))
Hanging out with people I know and can be myself around
. This includes people I've known for a while and also those that I've not known too long but feel I can be me around, happened recently with some colleagues from work, who'd've thought it.

Doing something I love with people I love
Ok so that's one for the future, but it's hopefully going to happen and will be about as close to heaven (how clever am I) as I'm likely to get whilst I'm still alive.

So there we have it continuing the trend and also giving me something to post about.

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