Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ninja Link Steal!

Well no doubt Mr Telf was planning to post this link and I was all for letting him, but it links with my next link...'s the first one (link) - Gamedamage, only just realised the "clever" pun. Hosted by Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation fame) and some other nerds. Not amazing, but will hopefully get better over time.

andyway (as I keep typing, a and n is naturally followed by d and then y, in my brain atleast), This next little vid is very cool, great animation and just a cool idea, It's called RAM.

- clickity

so, they link for this simple reason, they're both on the aussie ewetube mate, with all the sheep and shrimps on barbies (is it oz or nz that has the sheep?)

- Through the above link, and some google searching, I found this vid, called Undo, which I really love the concept of and think it's pretty well animated, wish it was longer, but such is life with this kinda thing. No doubt aniboom will hold some other cool links, which I shall leave you to find.

Err so yeah, that's pretty much is, some ninja link stealing and then a couple of other cool links.

Keep it real yo!


TheTelf said...

No ninja link steal this time, my friend - I hadn't seen any of those before.

Gamedamage is a great idea, but I wish they'd done it a bit differently. Clearly they're restricted by budget, but that greenscreen background is soooo distracting. It lacks a little sponteneity, and the pacing is a bit off - they should concentrate on a couple of things more fully I reckon. Not convinced by the skits, either. Yahtzee's review of story-telling in games was pretty good, though. Nice to see Deus Ex and The Dig getting some love. Like you say, though, hopefully it'll improve with time.

"Undo" is pretty creepy, and reminded me so much of this animation (pretty much the best I've ever seen).

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

Yeah I was similarly somethinged by GameDamage (I had very little sleep last night and couldn't think of the word). It makes me want to do one myself, which is better, hint hint, doesn't have to be about games, hint hint, but could be about lots of random thing, hint.. I'll shut up.

It kinda annoys me how good people are at animating stuff, makes me wish that I could do the same.

Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

also, a good example of how music can make anything seem epic even if it's of a more humourous nature in the original. May try to find more examples of this as it's a cool idea, making something mundane or funny seem incredibly epic and tense.

TheTelf said...

I do believe you might be suggesting doing some sort of vodcast or vlog type thing. I'm all for trying it. Even if we just end up farting at the camera for 15 minutes before being overcome by our own inventiveness...


Andy J. Wotherspoon said...

woo farting at cameras!
yeah, I might be suggesting something of the sort. We shall have to discuss more! I'm off back up to Liverpool on monday, but we can maybe come up with something in the new ear. the is open to one and all (apart from anyone who doesn't live near us or have some vague relation to us, that'd just be weird, or maybe really cool, who knows)