Monday, 8 December 2008

Variable Asset Tally

Back when VAT was 17.5% I noticed that the whole £.99p was all down to clever maths type stuff that meant that the price of things ex. vat was a more random number of pence. This was all so that silly people (including myself at times) see £9.99p and go "oooh under £10, what a bargain". Obviously you're only getting a penny back so it's not too helpful and most people have a jar or something like that where penny's live. A leaper's colony of sorts for the most useless of our currency. This also kinda translates into pounds too, £1999 (normally touted as less than £2000) which gives you a whole pound back, wow, so glad it wasn't £2000 as now I can buy a bar of chocolate (unless the "credit crunch" gets too crunchy). Incidentally I invented the Credit Crunchy a few months ago, it's essentially a crunchy but a little cheaper so you can still afford chocolatey goodness to keep you all happy and stuff whilst in massive debt. Annoyingly the whole VAT reduction thing has kinda blown this idea out of the water as now the normal Crunchy is cheaper (by about a 4p). Anyway, seeing that I have disposable cash these days I have been generally buying stuff more and am so used to prices for games being £39.99, £45.99 etc. that when I noticed that games where now priced at £34.35, £38.89 and other such non £.99p prices it filled me with mild joy. Firstly the variety of utterly useless coins which we have, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p may now have a place. It was unlikely that you would carry around 99p in change before, so the option for paying in £s and then getting 1p back was the best option, however now there is more chance that you'll be able to come up with the 25, or so, that is required. having said this, I rarely use cash as I find it's easier to chuck my card at things I want that carry around cash. I also quite like random sums of money so being able to buy a game for £39.29p is mildly enjoyable. Another "bonus" of the 15% VAT is that the £.99p stupidity has been temporarily (as I'm sure it will reappear) removed. No longer will you be fooled into buying something that appears to be under £10 and only get a penny back, now you'll get 21 pennies!

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