Monday, 19 January 2009

Crappy day - Updated

It's amazing how one relatively minor but time wasting and stressful thing that happens right at the end of your day can screw up a relatively good day and piss me off a lot.

As requested, elaboration:

I had planned to meet my good friend Russ to save the world, through the medium of Halo 3 co-op at around half 6. At about 4 I started work on a feature we release every Tuesday. By half 6 I'd left the office. The intervening 2 and a half hours where composed mostly of frustration and generally stress due to the systems we use at work being overly complicated and prone to breaking without giving you any real reason for it. It mostly comes down to user error, but when there are numerous things which can be wrong making sure you have covered all your bases can become a horrible game of trying to work out what's wrong with no real guidelines and usually wastes far too much time. So that's pretty much it. I didn't feel up to typing much before as I was using my iPhone and was still mostly annoyed.

Incidentally we did save the world, however I was disappointed when I didn't receive my achievement for completing the game on Legendary, due to the game being silly. I think we played a couple of sections over two different days, thus it didn't register us as completing them, grrrrr.

So anyway I'm in at half 8 tomorrow which will cheer me up no end.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've had a shite day. Care to elaborate at all on the cause of its shiteness?