Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fun with beards

Having not bothered shaving for a good while, in an attempt to achieve a good full beard, and not really getting there, I decided that what may help is to shave.

I realise that is almost the opposite of what I was trying to do, but the theory is that by shaving I'm helping the beard to grow fuller and less patchy. Having spent many years, way back when I was in sixth form, trying to grow a goatee by essentially not shaving my chin for a while then shaving of the few sprigs a few weeks later it appears that the places where I shaved more infrequently, but after allowing it to grow, are now the places where I can grow facial hair best, the chin and the sideburns. I had long hair for a good while so they where naturally ignored as it wasn't really seen.

Anyway after deciding to go for a proper shave, with a razor instead of just my clipper thing, I decided to have a bit of fun with the hair I had on my face before seeing it off for good (well until it grows back again). I've tried to identify my creations as best I could using this helpful guide which has probably been posted before.

So here are some shots of what I achieved, mostly swiftly and without much thought.

- The before shot, nothing exactly special really. Although it did make me look a bit like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro when I wore my hat :D

- Friendly Mutton Chops or as best as I could do.

- Another Mutton Chop varient, just with a bit more shaving.

- Long Sideburns and Pointy Mustache, type thing

- My usual triangular sideburns and a crappy mustache

- Copstash Standard, or something like that.

- Clear Shaven, technically not a beard type, but oh well. Makes my nose look even more wonky.

I kinda feel a little naked without all the hair covering my face and no doubt it will be a lot colder than I've become accustomed to around my chin, but oh well hopefully it'll help me attain beard greatness.

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