Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Shhhummm "What's the password!?" - "eerrr..." SNAP!

Having just read that Monster has been hacked and information such as email addresses and passwords stolen and having used the same password for years for various things, some of which giving access to bank account details, I have just changed my password for the major sites I use. No doubt I'll remember other pages that I'll need to change it on but for the time being I feel safe again. Unfortunately I may end up getting Phishing emails and shit like that but I can ignore them for the time being and if it gets too annoying I can get a new email account, which will be annoying but it's better than being mass fraudified.

The title relates to the gnarled old man who stands at the door to my e-world and asks for my password, he's been informed of the change and shan't* be letting anyone other than me in, woop.

I've decided I may start doing footnotes of sorts in my err... dialogues as I tend to go off on a tangent that breaks the flow of the sentence up so much that the abrupt change back to the topic can seem confusing, to me atleast. The first one of these is below.

* - incidentally this is one of those words that can only be pronounced like a southerner, ie. sharn't, sh-ant just sounds wrong, the others sound wrong with an r though.

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