Saturday, 7 February 2009

Elbow's are cool...

...and so is this one.

Cryptic? perhaps. Awesome? definitely.

If you like northern indy type rock, then you really should watch this excellent performance by Elbow, a brilliant band, performing a brilliant album, in a brilliant way, with a brilliant orchestral arrangement and brilliantly true to the album but with it's own brilliant uniqueness. Brilliant!

It's only available for one more day (whether that means it'll be gone saturday or the end of I don't know) so go see it quick, before it's gone forever (or until BBC decide to put it up again). It works quite well as background music while you do something else on the internet or your computer, I currently have it in a small browser on the right so I can blog and watch at the same time.

Despite my inability to come up with any other adverbs (if brilliant is indeed an adverb) to describe them and this, it's well worth it. It's an hour and appears to go through the album (Seldom Seen Kid) in track order (I'm watching it now and so far that's what they've been doing *). This is one of my favourite albums and from a really good band who have a knack for crafting truly captivating music which is raw, yet refined (that's my overly wordy description of them).

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy it if you decide to listen/watch it, and if you don't, you're missing out.

*It's strange that after you listen to an album enough you know instinctively what track comes next and with this album in particular the anticipation of the next track is something that adds to the experience.


Hanspan said...

Brilliant is an adjective.

Brilliantly is an adverb.

I think.

TheTelf said...

I think also. (though I'm waiting for Bambi to weigh in, as our resident English teacher).

Anonymous said...

That is indeed correct. The easiest way to work it out is to put them in a sentence:

He played brilliantly.
(describes the verb "played", therefore an adverb)

He is a brilliant player.
(describes the noun "player", therefore an adjective)

It's also easy to remember which is which, as adverb has the word "verb" in it.

That's all for today's literacy lesson. Tomorrow - how to use a semicolon correctly.

happylittlecynic said...

Surely adjectives should be called adnouns, then?