Saturday, 14 February 2009

Un-Valentine's Day

Well as much as it pains me to blog about this, I will.

I'm bored, there is no point in trying to see if anyone else wants to do anything as they'll be busy and I refuse to acknowledge this day when and if I get myself a girlfriend, the western world and it's crappy culture can officially piss off! No doubt though, we will be forced to partake in this mother of all non holidays (scrubs quote, not sure if it was about Valentine's waste of space day) as everyone else will be doing something and thus we will have nothing else to do but spend it together, but enough talking about non-existent relationships.

My main point is do couple really need an excuse to be romantic or go out for a meal or just come up with some soppy way of saying "I wuv you", just get on with it and stop being so unoriginal. Have "Valentine's day" on the 8th June or celebrate the anniversary of when you met, the first time you argued the last time you farted and laughed together or something as equally mundane but also brilliant. It annoys me that it requires a day (which was originally a pagan festival that was renamed after a couple of Christian Martyrs and associated with "romantic love" in the high middle ages, thank you wikipedia) for couples to show their love and romanticness to each other and that it can actually be seen as romantic to go to a restaurant surrounded by other couple who have equally reacted to the hype created by advertising and other such brainwashing.

Now this all may seem like the mad ramblings of a lonely single person, feeling sorry for himself on Valentine's day, who just wants to have a rant about the injustice of it all in a vain attempt to make himself feel better about it all, but it's not (no seriously). I'm truly bored and like to rant about stuff that annoys me every now and then, see my previous works for proof. I'm mostly happy being single, I'd like to have a girlfriend, but as it happens, right now I don't and there's not much I can or would do about it, so while I can I'll spend my money how I want, play my 360 as much as I want and not have to factor in the needs and desires of another human being.

So yeah, a day devoted to discrimination against single people, I'm calling Amnesty International.


TheTelf said...

Also, to be fair, the majority of people I've spoken, whether single or not, feel the same way, and just treat it as any other day of the year.

James said...

Well, to put a different opinion forward:

I like valentines day. I like that at least one day per year couples will decide that they won't be busy with work / friends / family and will save the time for each other. The fixed date lets you plan something out of the ordinary and the fact that it is one day per year lets you feel happy spending more on going out than you would normally. We live in a hectic world and it's easy to slip into a simple routine. Valentines day (and other occasions) help give you excuses to jump out of it now and then.

And for all the "but you can celebrate any day you want, just make up a reason" - bullshit

I also don't really get what there is to dislike. Is it because "The Man" is telling you to do something? All the day says is take what would otherwise be a routine day and try and do something special and above the norm for each other.

TheTelf said...

'And for all the "but you can celebrate any day you want, just make up a reason" - bullshit'

Intrigued by this. Why would you say it's not possible to pick a day and make up a reason?