Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I'm a mucking genius!

So I've kinda been without a proper computer for a while now since I fried my graphics card by having a computer case that's seems to be live (I get minor shocks from it and can cause little sparks when disconnecting things) and changing between my PC and xbox connections on my monitor, thus sending a charge down the vga cable (not good). This hasn't been a major issue really as Joe kindly lent me his laptop and I'm got on and have been researching laptops etc. However I recently bought some new cds not really thinking about how i'd get them onto my iPhone so i could listen to them on the way to work. I did manage the other day to get a signal from my graphics card, all be it very messed up, but then promply fried it some more and it now just doesn't work. This meant I had no way of getting my music onto my phone as I can't see to add it to iTunes or put it onto my phone and if I try connecting my iPhone to another computer it asks me to wipe all the data, not what I was hoping for. So along comes the concept of remote desktop, which i pretty much instantly ignore as I can't see to set it up. However today a client used gotomypc.com to log onto their pc, which seemed like something easy to set up and easy to get working. So I tried after I got home and unfortunately failed as I was working completely blind and even when doing it on the laptop at the same time I had no reference and no idea if I had just done something wrong. I then stumbled on the idea of using XPs built in narrator to tell me what I was doing. After a bit of mucking about I got the little microsoft Sam dude to tell me what was going on on the computer with no graphics card. And after a bit of tabbing and shortcutting I managed to get gotomypc installed and running on my PC, which I am now connected to and typing this entry from. Meaning I can add my music and fell all warm and fuzzy inside. I really never though I'd have a use for narrator and have in the past removed it's shortcut from the computer, how glad I am I didn't the last time I reinstalled my PC. Woop.

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