Friday, 9 October 2009

35minutes to go

Thought I'd quickly chuck up a post about a couple of programs I've been watching which are pretty cool.

I started trawling the comedy section of 4od to see what stuff they had and came across both these shows and decided to watch then purely on the name and the description.

Firstly Important things with Dimitri Martin. My initial thought was that this was probably going to be some odd comedy about a Russian or something like that, so was intrigued, purely out of wondering how weird it'd be. Turns out it's a odd show combining sketches (both acted and drawn), stand up comedy and music, filmed in a 80s style, though meant to be current and with an awkward, nerdy feel to it. I've enjoyed the 3 episodes so far, which focus on a particular Important Thing and work around it. I feel like I've seen Dimitri Martin in something before, but not sure well.

Secondly School of Comedy. This caught my attention as the blurb mentioned Will Poulter (one of the main kids in Son of Rambow) so thought it might be interesting. The premise of the show is essentially kids playing the roles of adults. The first sketch in particular, being Will Poulter playing a school teacher at a parent's evening. The humour is not anything particularly new, but there is definitely something about the fact that it's kids being rude and generally a bit silly that seems to work, particularly when portraying a teacher who refers to a student as "a bit of a spaz". The acting is a little over the top at times, but that's kinda part of the charm I think. There are definitely some bits which would probably make the average mother gasp is utter horror at what's coming out of those young boys mouths, but hey, it's no worse than what you hear from school kids these days. Incidentally I was unsure in the first sketch whether the role of the parent was being reversed a little too, but having someone doing an outrageous brace lisp, which turns out is actually just because the actress (or is it actor now?) has a brace. The audience found it funny too, which I guess is part of the problem of being young and having a brace, though it also adds to it. It's nice to have someone who's not perfect (so to speak) playing a role in a tv show.

So there we go, a last minute blog post about some fun shows from 4od, which is awesome by the way.

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