Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Better Late Than Never... what a crap title

I'll admit, I have been woefully absent on this here blog for quite some time, and it's existence was only triggered through the ministering of Mr Telford... where the hell is this sentence going? Basically Telf reminded me that it existed by telling me there was a bloggathon gooing on and that I had already failed, essentially, and it was only through a meeting to help plan Joe's stag do that we saw each other.
anyway, I thought I'd better join this gravy train of a blog... I have no idea what that means... and jump on the band wagon of bloggathoning in an attempt to feel trendy. To mark my demise as a blogger I won't be adding a point to my bloggathon rating, but instead knocking one off for each post and 2 for every day missed, thus I am currently on -11, I feel so proud.

So yeah, hi.

If you're not already aware Joe McDavison had his stag do at the weekend for which this was created.

I can't tell you how much fun I had making this, even though I was using iMovie, which I'd never used properly before and found pretty good despite some frustrations, due to it's overly simplistic nature. It totally brought back the video monkey in me, staying up till 4am to finish this, much fun was had.

Incidentally, this and this.

So aside from those things and a few comments that's it's for today:

Giant-loserish-jumping-on-the-moving-train-trying-to-act-all-cool-when-I-fall-over-score: -11


Hanspan said...

This is sick. I'm slightly disturbed. Whose idea was it?
(NB: This is not an automatically disapproving comment)

TheTelf said...

So, you don't disapprove, but you think it's sick and disturbing?

It was my idea (during a mutual brainstorming session with Joe's best man), why?

Hanspan said...

It disturbed me. I'm not saying it's ubiquitously disturbing and obviously Nikki was in cahoots with the whole thing and you're his friends and he knows it's you and it's just a laugh etc...

I did laugh a bit but it also made me feel very uncomfortable. Maybe that's because she's a very good actress.

I just think if someone mock kidnapped my fiance and filmed them saying they were going to be tortured, I don't think I'd be hugely amused. Even if I did know that no one was harmed in the making of this short feature.

And I asked whose idea it was because I wanted to know whose idea it was :P

TheTelf said...

Fair enough - I thought it was pretty well judged, personally. We didn't give Nikki any lines, so it's all improv on her part, and we reckoned Joe could handle a bit of emotional trauma before a lifetime of married bliss...