Thursday, 8 October 2009

The world of gaming and it's various idiocies

So far so crappy with regard to the whole blog challenge thing. I was intending to write something yesterday, though I wasn't sure what, but ran out of time over lunch, and though I am writing this at half 9 when I should be working, I feel quite naughty and really should do work properly, but I wont.

So, yeah, gaming etc.

I'd class myself as a gamer, maybe not a particularly great one, but by no means casual... as far as I know. I enjoy playing the latest releases for my Xbox 360 and tend to play then to completion, of the story line atleast, if I have the time and inclination. Though recently my gaming has been sporadic and I've really not been that fussed by games. However, I recently bought a DS as Scribblenauts was coming out (tomorrow in fact) and I thought I may as well start as I mean to go on and spend £200 at the start of the month just after hitting the bottom of my overdraft for the first time in a year.

I vaguely agonised over this as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to buy another piece of hardware for gaming when I already have a 360 and an iPhone, admittedly not the best gaming platform, but it does afford some decent games for it's format. Scribblenauts could potentially go to the 360 as an arcade game, but can I be bothered waiting that long? nope. I then had to chose between the DS Lite and the DSi, the lite being the cheaper of the two, but with slightly less features. The DSi does pack some nifty features, a camera (well 2 actually), larger screens, photos "editor", mp3 player, SD Card slot, reduced battery life (not so much a feature though) and the ability to surf the net. All these things add up to aid my decision in no way. I have an iPhone, which is my phone, music, camera (very infrequently), internet and general pretty thing to hold. So why would I want something that did all the same things, but less portable and without 3G? I wouldn't. I eventually decided to settle on the DSi for the larger screens and because it's newer (yeah, I'm lame).

Now, if you analyse my gaming (etc.) systems to date I have allegiances with the following companies: Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo. Which isn't really that crazy, but it's the typical thing where you end up with numerous devices doing different things, with some crossover, which will get even greater when Facbook, Twitter and LastFM come to the 360. To me it seems a little silly to split things up so much, especially when the 360 has an achievement system, which is an utterly genius concept, never has arbitrary points meant so much. I will regularly not buy a game on the iPhone on the grounds it's on the xbox (arcade titles like Monkey Island or Puzzle Quest) and thus affords me more Gamerscore (GS), woop. So the same kinda applies for DS titles now. Ideally they would all exist as one thing, iPhone games would allow 360 GS as would the DS and it would all be nicely wrapped up so my escapades in the gaming world would be chronicled as a whole. It's also be nice if you could get a cut down version of things, I don't need to browse the internet on my DS or take photos or play music, so why can't I buy one which doesn't have those features but isn't essentially outdated as the DS Lite is likely to become.

My various gaming paraphernalia do generally have a more specific purpose, ie.:

Xbox - proper gaming, full length games which will take a number of hours to complete. Playing with other people on one console/over live (online gaming).

iPhone - pick up and play games which don't really have a great deal of story or need for continuity, essentially toilet games. Also web browsing and general keeping life working stuff.

DS - games which require more input than phone can offer, with more continuity and story.

or something like that.

To a degree I think that pick up and play games could replace the comic books in the toilet. Having a handheld console of some sort in the toilet, with sterile wipes of cause, would allow toilet dwellers to pick up a game, like tetris, and have a quick play, whilst doing their business. You may end up sat on the bog for a while whilst trying to beat your friends high score, but that's all part of the fun.

I also feel the internet doesn't quite do what it's capable of, which is making everything connected. There are a number of websites which allow this, blogger for one, where you can sign in using various email accounts and of cause there's facebook connect, though I kinda feel that facebook is like someone that you quite enjoy hanging out with, but wouldn't lend anything to them, as they'd probably lose it, which is how I feel with my password, so I give it a less secret one. However there isn't really a fully integrated system where all the various sites you visit are all contained and you can access them without any hastle or having to remember an obscure username and password you used because you could get your normal one. This links with the gamer thing as there isn't really a way to display my Gamertag without posting an html banner of it, lke this:

Other than that there isn't much of a way of displaying this to the internet.

Maybe I'll try an experiment where I try to link all the various websites I use to one site which displays everything that I do on the internet so that I don't have to link to a blog post of facebook or twitter a link which I've shared elsewhere or blog in two place (not that I do that often), or various other stuff. I guess google do have this to a degree, but it's not yet fully integrated, if I view a site through a browser, my rss feeds for that site don't update to hid that post from view, as it just doesn't know that I've seen it. I guess I'd be happy when everythings much more integrated and requires less user input.

score: -14

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