Thursday, 28 May 2009

Linkables 28/5/9

How to be persuasive.

How to open a suitcase with a pen.

In a move that will interest basically nobody, I link to a video of a ridiculous goal.

As seen in various TED talks, Gapminder.

LyricsWiki, for song lyrics without having to trawl through random unreadable and potentially dangerous "lyrics" search results.

Who to vote for in the upcoming European elections.

And finally, a game in which you play a cowboy riding a giant sperm.

1 comment:

awotherspoon said...

That zip thing is really quite scary, particularly the "disclaimer" at the end.

"The contents of your suitcase are your resposibility and the blame for any illicit content, regardless of how it got there, will lie with you!"

so basically, if someone opens your case using a pen and then shoves a load of drugs in there, you can be arrested and put in jail even though it had nothing to do with you what so ever. What a wonderful world we live in.