Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A little challenge

So - it's been a while. Almost two months since my last post, and several months since I posted anything like regularly. I apologise. After a couple of years of blogging semi-regularly without trouble, I was struck down with momentous ennui. A state from which I wish to emerge.

The cure, I hope, will be a gimmick. A forced march back into the fetid marshlands of bloggery, with all the unnecessarily florid prose which that entails. The rules of this effort are as follows:

> At least one post per day. No limit on the maximum number of posts.
> No link posts. The post can centre around a link, but must contain original analysis, opinion or commentary.
> Posts should be at least a short paragraph or so in length. No one's going to be counting words, but try to keep it from looking like Twitter.
> Posts should be readable. If we're only requiring a few sentences a day, then getting most of the grammar and spelling right shouldn't be too hard.
> In the event that a day will be missed (due to holiday, absence from internet, etc) the post can be written ahead of time and assigned as "for" a date in the future, or a suitable substitute poster may be nominated.
> Rules are subject to change
> First person to miss a day is a big smelly loser.

Any and all are welcome to participate alongside Bambi and myself - simply start posting on the 1st of October, and don't stop...

N.B. Feel free to request rule changes as we go - it's all pretty fluid. Scoring systems may be implemented too...


James said...

I might try this, however I think I'll only be able to do it weekdays when I have lunchtimes in front of a computer with fast internet access.

Anonymous said...

Excuses already Jimbo? What's to stop you from doing two post-dated entries for the weekend on Friday? ;-)

Also, expect my inaugural blogathon post later today. w00t.